We are very happy to share that the first Plenty Improvement Proposal (PIP-001) turned out to be a great success! A big thank you to our beloved community! Over 350 xPLENTY holders voted, and with a support of 86% the minting rate has been reduced to 30 PLENTY per block.

PIP-001: Minting rate reduction

Plenty puts the community first, and with nearly half of the maximum supply minted, there have been plenty of requests to reduce the minting rate, in order to decrease the selling pressure. We have seen an engaged community with fruitful discussions on Twitter, Discord, and the Plenty forum. Based on…

By utilizing Integro Labs’ now-ubiquitous TezTools technology, Plenty streamlines the process for listing Tezos tokens on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Lowering barriers for Tezos based tokens

So you’ve officially minted your shiny new Tezos token — now what? For teams and creators behind new projects on the Tezos network, one of the most crucial steps toward legitimization is getting listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, the two largest data aggregators in the cryptocurrency space today. With so…

Continuous improvements to the functionalities and tokenomics are crucial for the longevity of the Plenty protocol. Today, the first amendment proposal is launched on https://plentydefi.com/vote. Voting is possible until Wednesday, December 22, 2021.

PIP-001: Minting rate reduction


Implement a minting rate reduction from 50 PLENTY/block to 30 PLENTY/block. A reduction of the minting rate results in a new reward distribution scheme, as seen in the specification, for the PLENTY farms.


Almost half of the maximum supply of 62,000,000 PLENTY is minted already, and at the current rate…

Plenty takes the next leap forward towards a decentralized future. All xPLENTY holders will soon be able to cast their vote on Plenty Improvement Proposals.

What is governance?

Governance enables stakeholders to vote for protocol changes directly on the blockchain. This empowers individual users to participate in important decision making on the future of a project. To earn the right to vote or to make a proposal, a user typically must hold a governance token.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)…

Plenty is thrilled to announce the opening of the applications for its FIRST ever hackathon in collaboration with Tezos India. For the next two months Plenty Global Hackathon 1.0, one of the largest Tezos hackathons to date, will take place with over USD 30,000 in prizes.

DeFi on Tezos is growing at a high pace and projects like Plenty are leading the charge. The Plenty Global Hackathon encourages and enables developers to build new and innovative ideas to further develop the ecosystem.

This hackathon is open to ALL: students, developers, entrepreneurs, product folks, and crypto enthusiasts…

A token page, router functionality, and new ways of farming have been introduced on plentydefi.com. More features are in development! Expectations are high for a lot of cool new Tezos DeFi features to be designed by the community during the upcoming hackathon!

Data From the Plenty Protocol

To improve the usability of the Plenty protocol, the token page has been developed. Users can review the price, 24h change, 24h volume, liquidity, and the 7 day price graph of every token traded on the Plenty protocol.

Try it on plentydefi.com/tokens

Talks of ctez date back to the original forum post made by Arthur Breitman in January of this year. Ctez ideation intended for ctez to be a Tezos public good, allowing holders of tez to choose who to delegate their to and participate in Tezos DeFi simultaneously.

In early August 2021, Hugo Renaudin, CEO at Bender Labs, announced the implementation of ctez was being developed by the team at Bender Labs and Plenty DeFi.

After months of hard work, Bender Labs and Plenty DeFi are proud to announce that ctez is now officially live! …

September 16, 2021: youves, the recently launched DeFi platform is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with Plenty DeFi to reward users within the Tezos DeFi ecosystem.

This collaboration kicks off with the launch of a PLENTY/uUSD liquidity pool on Plenty, where users can provide liquidity in uUSD and PLENTY tokens. The liquidity provider tokens can be staked in a farm to earn extra yield.

youves is a decentralized, non-custodial, and self-governed DeFi platform on the Tezos…

Swap tokens and add liquidity on the first token-to-token Automated Market Maker on Tezos. Enjoy trading the PLENTY-wUSDC, PLENTY —wBUSD, and PLENTY — wWBTC pair. This Thursday, the trading pairs and farms for PLENTY-wLINK, PLENTY-wMATIC, and PLENTY-USDtz go live!

The first days of Plenty 2.0

Since this weekend https://plentydefi.com/ received a full makeover! With the arrival of token swaps and new farms, the Total Value Locked on Plenty surged to an all time high of over $45M! Moreover, we redesigned and rebuilt the front-end from scratch to greatly improve speed and performance. View your stats…


The #1 AMM with the highest yields on #Tezos https://www.plentydefi.com/

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